Agility Drills

Musical Soccer Balls

Musical Soccer Balls Soccer Drill for kids

It is important to add some fun soccer drills into your routine, especially for the younger kids.

3v1 Agility Soccer Drill

3v1 Agility Soccer Drill

To setup this soccer drill, setup a small grid 12 x 12 yards and split players into groups of 4. Select 1 player from each group to defend 3 attackers.

Cats Dribbling Drill with Cross

Cats Dribbling Drill with Cross

This is more of a progression of the previous soccer drill, Cats Dribbling Drill.  Make sure to view the animation and diagram for details on how to set up the drill.

Pass and Switch

Pass and Switch Soccer Passing Drill

Here is a simple soccer passing drill that requires 4 players, 2 soccer balls, and an area about 10 yards X 15 yards.

Clockwork Speed and Agility with Ball

Clockwork Speed and Agility with Ball

A good soccer drill here that combines speed and agility with THINKING!  Set up cones or discs as shown in the diagram.

Agility Pass N Shoot

Agility Pass N Shoot Soccer Drill

This soccer drill focuses on agility, receiving, and a quick shot release.  Set up a series of flags or cones about 4 deep for the players to run through.

Agility Weave

This soccer drill focuses on speed and footwork.  In this variation of the drill, the blue lines in the diagram represent a forward run and the red line represents a backwards run.  It is a good idea to time your players throughout the year to track their progress.  A variation for younger players is to eliminate the backwards run so the players are running forwards the entire course.  A variation for more advanced players is to have them pick up a soccer ball at the start of the forward weave, and

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