Two Touch 2 vs. 1 Shooting Challenge

Two Touch 2 vs. 1 Shooting Challenge

This soccer drill builds off of the previous two soccer drills.  It is set up the exact same way but this time two players will be run to the circle.  The defensive player will make a pass to wither player in the air.  The player that receives the ball will have to gain control under pressure from the defender and either make a pass or take a shot.

2 Touch Shooting Challenge vs. Defender

2 Touch Shooting Challenge vs. Defender

This soccer drill is run the same way as the previous drill.  The objective is for players to receive the ball within two touches and release a shot on net.  In this variation they have to do it while under pressure from the player that made the pass.

1 vs. 1 Wall Game

1 vs. 1 Wall Game - soccer drill

To set up this soccer drill mark off a rectangle that is about 10 x 20 yards. Two opposing players start in the rectangle, one player starts with the ball.

Urgent Rush 2 vs. 2

Urgent Rush 2 vs. 2

Sometimes game situations need to be simulated by creating some urgency. This soccer drill creates a sense of urgency on by adding backside pressure as the two offensive players are on a 2 on 1 break. Set up the drill as shown in the diagram. Designate a player or coach to make the first pass, the passer can pass to either offensive player.

4 v 4 Intercept

4 v 4 Intercept, Soccer Drill

4 v 4 Intercept is a soccer drill focusing on possession and passing. Setup a small pitch split into 2 10 x 15 zones. Separate teams of 4 into each zone.

1 V 1 World Cup

1 V 1 World Cup, Soccer Drill

1 V 1 World Cup is an offensive minded competitive soccer drill. Players 1 and 2 start 5 yards from the goal posts. The goalie starts the drill by lightly punting the ball to the 18 yard box.

One Sided 2v2

One Sided 2v2, soccer drill

One Sided 2v2 is an offense and defensive minded soccer drill which focuses on quick play and possession.

Trap 2 v 1

Trap 2 v 1, Soccer Drill

This soccer drill requires 3 players and  a10 X 20 yard rectangle playing area. Player 1 starts at one of of the rectangle with the ball. Player 2 sets up at the opposite end.

One Pass Shoutout

One Pass Shoutout, Soccer Shooting Drill

Here is a soccer drill that is competitive, fun, and a great workout for goalies. Divide players up into 2 teams and move the nets to where they are about 40 yards apart.

3 vs. 1 Rescue

3 vs. 1 Rescue Soccer Drill

The 3 on 1 Rescue soccer drill focuses on ball possession.  There are two teams of 6 players and one rescue player (or coach).  The field is set up as shown in the diagram.  The rescue player must stay in the rescue zone.  To start, the offensive  team will have three players on each side against the defending  team's one player.  The rescue player starts with the ball and passes to one of the players on the offensive team.  The offensive team tries to complete as many passes in a row as possible.  They may use the rescue player at any time.

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