Dribbling Drills

Pass and Attack

Pass and Attack - Soccer Drill

This is a really simple soccer drill that only requires two players and 1 ball. The players should be about 10 yards apart. The player with the ball starts the soccer drill by passing to the other player. After making the pass they run towards the other player as though they are applying defensive pressure.

Triangle Control

Triangle Control Soccer Dribbling Drill

This is a simple soccer drill that emphasizes ball control.  There are two parts to this drill, the first part requires players to dribble the soccer ball the entire time.

Cats Dribbling Drill with Cross

Cats Dribbling Drill with Cross

This is more of a progression of the previous soccer drill, Cats Dribbling Drill.  Make sure to view the animation and diagram for details on how to set up the drill.

Cats Dribbling Drill

Cats Dribbling Drill Soccer Drill

This soccer drill focuses on dribbling and ball control with a shot at the end to keep it fun and the goalies involved.  Set up the field as shown in the diagram or animation.

Disc Dribbling

Disc Dribbling, Soccer Dribbling Drill

This is a soccer dribbling drill that players can do by themselves.  This drill focuses on ball control and only one player, one ball, and some discs are needed.

Cut N Shoot

Cut N Shoot Soccer Shooting Drill

To set up this soccer drill move the nets about 30 - 40 yards apart and split the players up into two teams.  Each team lines up on the side of their net.

1 V 1 wih Goalie

1 V 1 wih Goalie

This soccer drill focuses on offense and defense. Start by setting up 1 forward with a ball 25-30 yards from goal, i defender placed on the penalty mark, and 1 goalie.

3 Stations - Skills Session #1

3 Stations - Skills Session #1

This is a set of three soccer drills that your players can work through at the same time.  It is a good way to keep all of your players busy and involved with practice.  These drills focus on passing, receiving, dribbling, and shooting.

Changing Direction

Changing Direction

This drill focuses on dribbling in tight spaces and quickly changing directions.  Setup 4 cones about 15 yards apart.  Each player will dribble around the space avoiding the other players

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

To set up this soccer drill set up a square using cones that is anywhere from 10 - 15 yards wide.  Depending on the age and the number of players you can use 12 or 16 players.

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