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3 vs. 1 Pass and Move

3 vs. 1 Pass and Move - Soccer Drill

This is a soccer drill that has players reading the field and working hard without the ball. 4 players are needed total, 3 offensive and 1 defensive. Place 4 cones or discs in a 15 x 15 yard square about 10 to 15 yards in front of the net (see diagram). Each offfensive player starts at one of the four corners of the marked area so there is one corner that is not occupied.

Musical Soccer Balls

Musical Soccer Balls Soccer Drill for kids

It is important to add some fun soccer drills into your routine, especially for the younger kids.

Head to Head Shootout Soccer Drill

Head to Head Shootout Soccer Drill

Players love this soccer drill! Setup two goals approximately 30-40 yards appart. Separate the field into 2 halves and players into 2 teams. Each team will lineup next to their goal.

Criss Cross Keep Away

Criss Cross Keep Away

This is a good soccer passing drill that is a fun competitive game as well.  Eight players and two balls are required.  Set up players in four lines as shown in the diagram.

3 vs. 3 Own Half Shooting

3 vs. 3 Own Half Shooting, Soccer Drill

This soccer drill is a fun game for players and goalies.  To set up, place the nets about 30 yards apart and split the field into half using either the center field line, discs, or cones.

4 v 4 Intercept

4 v 4 Intercept, Soccer Drill

4 v 4 Intercept is a soccer drill focusing on possession and passing. Setup a small pitch split into 2 10 x 15 zones. Separate teams of 4 into each zone.

4 Goal 7 v 7

4 Goal 7 v 7, Soccer Drill

For this soccer drill, set up a 35 X 35 field with 4 10 X 10 ft. goals in each corner. Each team has 7 players.

5 V 5 with Lanes

5 V 5 with Lanes, Soccer Drill

This 5 v 5 soccer drill .  Setup a 20 x 30 piitch split into three lanes  5 X 10 X 5 and 2 goals.  There must be 1 player in each zone, 1 rover, and 1 goalie.  If  players

1 V 1 World Cup

1 V 1 World Cup, Soccer Drill

1 V 1 World Cup is an offensive minded competitive soccer drill. Players 1 and 2 start 5 yards from the goal posts. The goalie starts the drill by lightly punting the ball to the 18 yard box.

3 vs. 1 Rescue

3 vs. 1 Rescue Soccer Drill

The 3 on 1 Rescue soccer drill focuses on ball possession.  There are two teams of 6 players and one rescue player (or coach).  The field is set up as shown in the diagram.  The rescue player must stay in the rescue zone.  To start, the offensive  team will have three players on each side against the defending  team's one player.  The rescue player starts with the ball and passes to one of the players on the offensive team.  The offensive team tries to complete as many passes in a row as possible.  They may use the rescue player at any time.

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