Frequently Asked Questions

Why are animations important?

Animations are important to understand the timing of ice soccer drills.  Diagrams are great but many times drills cannot be explained in a diagram alone. Therefore in addition to diagrams, each soccer drill on our site is accompanied with an animation.

What program is used to animate the soccer drills?

The new animations are made using TactX, a new software option that allows us to create and export drills in a 3D animation. All of our soccer drills now have these animations included.

What program is used to create the diagrams?

The diagrams are drawn using Illustrator CS3 from Adobe.

Where do ideas for drills come from?

Many of the drills were simply remembered from years of playing.  A wide variety of books and internet resources are also the inspiration behind many of the drills.

I don't want to use my credit card to pay online, is there any other way I can pay?

You may call us at (970) 445-7191 to pay via credit card over the phone or send a check with your contact information to:

satterstrom LLC


706 S. Sherman St.

Denver, CO 80209

Are there any discounts for organizations or leagues?

Yes, any league or organization that purchases 5 or more memberships with receive 25% off of the regular price.  The only method of payment for this is by a check.  Please contact us and tell us how many memberships you would like.  We will send your organization or league an invoice.  The league or organization will then need to send us a check as well as list of all members. We will only need the email address and full name of each member you wish to add.

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