Free Soccer Drills

Below are a list of free soccer drills and they provide some good examples of the content available to our members.  The animations are created using the latest soccer drill animation software from TactX (in a partnership with UEFA) and provide 3D animations that can be used on your computer or mobile device. To become a member, please view our membership options.

Pass and Attack

Pass and Attack - Soccer Drill

This is a really simple soccer drill that only requires two players and 1 ball. The players should be about 10 yards apart. The player with the ball starts the soccer drill by passing to the other player. After making the pass they run towards the other player as though they are applying defensive pressure.

Spanish through Ball Drill - Variation#1

Spanish through Ball Drill - Variation#1

This is the first of several variations to this soccer drill. Set up three cones, discs, or flags as shown in the diagram. One line of players is set about 10 yards in front of the passer. The second player is placed in line with the flags in an on-side position. A third player is in goal, this player can also rotate through the drill if desired.

3 vs. 1 Pass and Move

3 vs. 1 Pass and Move - Soccer Drill

This is a soccer drill that has players reading the field and working hard without the ball. 4 players are needed total, 3 offensive and 1 defensive. Place 4 cones or discs in a 15 x 15 yard square about 10 to 15 yards in front of the net (see diagram). Each offfensive player starts at one of the four corners of the marked area so there is one corner that is not occupied.

Open Man Passing Drill

Open Man Passing Drill

This drill focuses on receiving a pass and making a good first touch in order to deliver a pass to the open player right away.  The drill requires 4 players and two soccer balls.  One player is designated as the passer, the other three line up about 10 yards in front of the passer as shown in the video.  Give a soccer ball to two of the players that are not the passer.

1st Touch Triangle Passing Drill

1st Touch Triangle Passing, Soccer Passing Drill

This is a soccer passing drill designed to work on player's first touch.  Divide the players into groups of 3.  Each group will have 3 players, three discs or cones, and 1 soccer ball. P1 starts with the ball and makes a pass to P2.  P2 is positioned on the outside of the disc.

Wake Up Passing Drill

Wake Up Passing Drill Soccer Drill

This soccer drill requires players to pay attention at all times or it falls apart quickly, hence the name "Wake Up Passing Drill".  With 7 players, each player is involved in the drill. There are two roles in which players rotate throughout the drill, the passer and the receiver.

3 vs. 3 Transition Game

3 vs. 3 Transition Game

This is a fun soccer game played inside the 18 box.  It encourages play making, creativity, and ball control.  The game requires two teams of three players and one goalie.  To start, the coach puts a ball into play somewhere in the 18 box.  In order to gain an opportunity to shoot on net the team must make a pass to the coach.

Rapid Fire Receive

Rapid Fire Receive Soccer Shooting Drill

Get ready for lots of shooting! In this shooting drill, P2 starts with the ball and passes to P1. P1 quickly receives the pass and shoots. The goalie then passes back to P1 with the same ball (or a new ball from in the net if P1 scores). P1 receives the pass and makes a quick pass to P2.

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