Membership Information

We have several types of memberships available...

  • 1 Month - $9.00
  • 3 Months - $19.00
  • 1 Year - $72.00
  • Coaches Package - $250.00

Acccess to All Soccer Drills

Each membership gives you access to all of the content posted here at Soccer Chalk Talk.  In addition to viewing content, you are able to save each drill to your "Favorites" list or "Practice Drills".  As a member you can then view your lists by visiting your dashboard.  Each list will be displayed on your dashboard.  This makes it possible for you to organize our content your way.

Extra Benefits

Members are also able to create and manage practices from their account.  Practices are created by selecting drills that you have saved to your "Practice List", making a few comments, choosing a date and time, then clicking "Save".  Once you have saved your practice you will have a URL for that practice that allows you to share it with other members.  The practice will also appear in your calendar page so it is easy to plan and organize soccer practices ahead of time.

Coach's Package

The coaches package give you all the benefits of the other memberships as well as a membership to the UEFA training ground website.  This is a one year membership that allows you to log in to the UEFA's Training Ground and animate your own drills using the TactX software (Please not that this software only works with PC, not Mac).

You also have the ability to give out up to 5 Soccer Chalk Talk memberships to your coaches. This makes it easy to share practice ideas and be prepared for practice. 

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